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SkullStar Studios is a outsource design studio providing art direction, concept design, UI/UX and illustration for the video games, film, and entertainment industries.

About US

Founded by Adam Nichols in 2018 and located in Brisbane, Australia, SkullStar Studios is a proud provider of quality concept design, illustration, art direction and production design for the entertainment and creative industries.


With over 17 years experience in the industry, we have worked closely with many large studios and agencies by providing visual development for some of the most recognisable franchises in entertainment media. We offer the highest quality work, vision and experience for intellectual property creation and development. We specialise in games, film, advertising, print, and much, much more.

SkullStar Studios also hosts training seminars and art workshops around the country on visual design fundamentals, and how to work in the entertainment industry.

We’ve stayed at the forefront of our field by believing in continuous improvement, focusing on our craft and ever expanding our skill base by keeping a growth mindset.



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